Bag and Strainer Filtration

Filter Bag / Pleated Bag and Strainer Series




Polyester, Nomex, Polypropylene, Multifilament Polyester, Monofilament Nylon


Adhesives, Beverages, Bulk Chemicals, Coatings, Coolants, Edible Oils, Liquid Detergents, Paints, Parts Washing Systems, Solvents, Water

316 Stainless

20-100 mesh

Discharge and Process Water, Coolants, Cutting Oils

316 Stainless


Latex Emulsions, Coolants, Resins, Solvents, Coatings

Pleated Bag Note: Pleated bags have 6 - 10 times the life of a standard bag and they are available in nomial and absolute micron ratings. A standard bag has 4.4 sq. ft. vs. a pleated bag which has 36 sq. ft. of filter material.

Strainer Note: Towner Filtration sells a complete line of "Y", simplex, duplex, and automatic self-cleaning strainer. Our duplex and automatic strainers are designed for use in fluid handling systems where the flow cannot be shut down for basket cleaning such as cooling water, compressors, condensers, fire lines, fuel lines, lubrication systems, salt and fresh water systems, chemical process systems and pump sution service. We can also custom build a strainer to meet your specific application variables.

Suction Strainer Note: Sump strainers are used in hydraulic fluids, coolants, lubricants, and many process fluids. We offer them in many different constructions to better match a variety of applications. All have strong perforated metal support tubes under the straining elements. All are available with optional, built in bypass relief valves to avoid starving the pump should the strainer become dirt clogged.