Liquid Filtration

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Liquid / Liquid Separation - We provide a complete line of filtration/separation equipment for processing industrial fluids, machine tool coolant, and oil/water and air/gas mixtures. Products include filtration and separation of two immiscible liquids, as well as filtration and separation of liquids from air/gas. In the petrochemical market, we meet the needs of the chemical and oil refining industries with an extensive line of filtration and oil/water separation products. For power generation, we offer a complete line of filters, coalescers and separations to assure the highest quality of lube oils, transformer oils and gas turbine fuels. We supply a complete line of products for the aviation industry to ensure that clean, dry fuel is provided every step of the way - from the refinery to the wing tip - including: pre-filters, clay treaters, filter/separators, monitor cartridges, oil water separators.

Hydraulic Vessels and Interchangeable Elements - Towner Filtration has hydraulic filtration elements that use a wide variety of media including glass, resin impregnated cellulose, carbon and stainless steel wire mesh, and synthetics. We can also provide tailor-made cartridges.

Complete Systems - Towner Filtration has the capabilities to provide complete turn key systems for a variety of applications, from one application to an entire plant. Our experience and broad-based application knowledge ensures that the most appropriate methods are selected to solve your treatment needs. Many of our systems are modular. We can even retrofit and improve existing systems. Our ultimate goal is reuse and zero discharge.

Automatic Gravity Filters - Gravity filters are the least expensive automatic filter to clean up your metalworking coolants and oils. They can filter effectively from 100 to 10 microns and can be used with magnetic separators to improve efficiences. For flow rates larger than 100 gallons per minute an automatic pressure or vacuum filter must be used. Please contact us for filter roll media.

Automatic Pressure and Vacuum Systems - Towner Filtration provides roll media units that filter fluids for the metalworking marketplace. We have systems from 5 to 300+ sq. ft. and up to 6,000+ gallons per minute. We supply value engineered products which can maximize your tool and fluid sump life, while reducing maintenance input and disposal to make your production machines and personnel more productive. We are extremely knowledgeable about all types of clarification systems, including competitive ones, and can suggest improvements in roll media, operation, etc, to increase production. Please contact us for filter roll media.

Sand, Multi-Media and Granular Activated Carbon Filters - Towner Filtration media systems are used for general water filtration purposes. Our single-media, multi-media, and granular activated carbon filters are available in several models with a wide range of diameters and depths. All units are available in both ASME Code and non-code as well as fiberglass construction. These permanent media systems are commonly applied for removal of organic and inorganic suspended solids down to 5-20 microns. System performance may be modified for coarser or finer filtration through filtration media selection and modification of flow rates through the filter system. Automatic system operation is monitored on both elapsed time and pressure differential. Backwash duration is generally 2-3 minutes per vessel, and is controlled by a backwash valve. Standard construction is fusion epoxy lined carbon steel. Special alloys and stainless steel systems are available. Standard stock product sizing is available for systems 10-3000 GPM. Larger systems and custom systems are available. System operation and backwashing are automatically controlled without loss of process flow during backwash.

Reverse Osmosis Systems - Towner Filtration’s reverse osmosis systems are designed to provide the commercial and industrial user the most trouble-free, cost effective and reliable form of water treatment available. These systems are engineered to function with both well and municipal water sources (with chlorine removal provided). Dissolved solids removal rates are typically 97% or more. Reverse Osmosis systems employ thin film composite spiral wound membrane elements for superior performance. Pump pressure is used to supply source water to reverse osmosis membranes. These special membranes allow only high quality water to permeate them. In turn, they reject metals, salts, ionic and organic impurities, which are processed to waste. Suspended solids are removed by pre-filters which are standard components on all our RO systems. Please contact us for Deionizing Systems and filters.

Air, Gas, HVAC, and Dust Filtration

HVAC - Towner Filtration has evolved into a full-line supplier of a wide variety of commercial and industrial filters, offering the industry’s broadest range of air filters for any application. Towner Filtration is uniquely qualified to be your “Single-Source” for any type of air filter. HEPAs are our most popular filter and are manufactured of the highest quality materials to meet both UL Class 1 and UL Class 2 requirements for operating rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical processing, and electronics manufacturing. Our HEPA efficiencies range from 99.97% to 99.999% on 0.3 micron particles.

Air/Gas Purification, Dehydration and Filtration - Compressed air purification and treatment is essential to all modern production facilities. It must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability while providing the right balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation. Towner Filtration offers regenerative dryers, modular desiccant dryers, nitrogen gas generators and condensate management products. We can handle any SCFM requirement. Our equipment is manufactured with the highest quality components and innovative techniques. We use the latest ISO Standards to engineer and select products from our comprehensive range of purification products to exactly match system requirements and ensure that both the capital and operational costs are kept to a minimum. From the beginning to end of a compressed air system, from manufacturing facilities to applications for chilled water and air gas dryers/dehydration equipment, we have your application covered.

Compressed Air and Gas Filters - From left to right, sewn end, accordion, rubber molded end, and panel filter elements. Each style can be supplied with different filter media, and other variations. Our filter elements surpass the most stringent requirements for long life, low delta pressure, positive seals, and maximum air flow in compact and cleanable units. Our molded end filter elements do not require a bothersome expanded metal outer wrap to prevent the handling damage common to lesser paper filter media. Instead, we pleat textile filter media between layers of epoxy coated wire screen to yield a rugged jacketed media with 1/4 the resistance to flow of paper media. Jacketed fins resist collapse, have exceptionally high flow, long life (a year is common), and are unharmed by moisture, vibration, pulse flow, and most other service hazards. This also simplifies cleaning with air guns or spray cleaning units. Our molded urethane rubber ends out perform lesser molded PVC ends offered by many competitors.

Pleated Dust Cartridges and Bags - Towner Filtration's designs utilize the latest pleating technology to enhance dust removal in demanding or high performance applications. These high quality cartridges and bags are fabricated in a variety of styles and configurations. We can provide cartridges with end caps to fit a variety of brands and replacement cartridges. Our pleated bags replace fabric bags and cages and are easily mounted into various size cell plates for both top and bottom load dust collectors. Utilizing a wide assortment of media, we can design a cartridge or bag to meet your exact requirements, from cellulose to spun bond polyester to high temperature media.

Dust and Mist Collectors - Towner Filtration supplied collectors are state of the art systems for dry dust, fume, or mist removal. Cartridges are mounted vertically and are available in a variety of filter choices. This allows us to accurately apply the proper media to your air pollution problem. Spun bonded polyester is a strong media with an excellent release potential in dry particulate applications. Hydro-oleophobic treated spun bond polyester can be used in wet applications, such as oil or grease. Spun bond aluminized is used in powder coating, or in grinding of circuit boards. The mist collectors we offer are cost-effective and out perform all other mist collectors in their class. In comparison to other units, we properly apply our units to the specific problem. Versatile filter combinations are solutions to many machining operations that use water, or oil based coolants. The units we have in the field have an exceptional operational record, and have proven to be a cost saver for many companies because of their superb design with minimal maintenance requirements. Please contact us for complete plant systems or individual applications.

Air - Oil Separators - Towner Filtration supplies a wide range of air-oil separators for air compressors and vacuum packages, as well as air inlet, oil and coalescing type filters, that when used together, provide the ultimate in system operation and protection. Our oil separators operate on the familiar principles of fine liquid droplet coalescence in a flowing gas stream. These processes have been refined and tailored into packages that meet the special high performance and physical requirements of the air/gas compressor industry. Regardless of style (conventional, pleated or deep), our oil separators will provide the performance our customers require.

Desiccant Point of Use Filters - Towner Filtration specializes in problem solving methods to fit all pneumatics applications below 250 psi and flow rates from 0 to 1200 scfm. In addition to the filters, we provide desiccant de-humidification systems to ensure your products arrive to their destination in mint condition. We offer a full line of hygroscopic breathers ranging from 0 to 900 cfm (26 to 6732 gpm) for your tank and hydraulic reservoir needs. Our new filter is a special unit that blinds the air completely, therefore protecting your instruments during maintenance downtime.

Coalescing / Particulate Air and Gas Filters - Towner Filtration offers a complete line of compressed air and gas filtration products. We have the right solution for your air/gas applications. Housings are available with oil removal (coalescing), particulate and oil vapor removal elements. We also offer over 2000 competitor interchange elements. Let Towner Filtration improve your compressed air and gas system and save you money.